The Impact of COVID19 on the Environment: Observations and Insights

Wednesday 04 November 2020, 09:00-15:45 GMT

We are currently living through unprecedented times both in terms of environmental change and the COVID19 pandemic. This Environmental Physics Group Day event will bring together experts in local air quality, atmospheric composition, radiative forcing and climate change to present the latest findings of lockdown’s impact on air pollution together with the resultant climate response. Through a series of keynote addresses, early career talks and open floor discussions the day will provide valuable insights and observations regarding the impact of COVID19 on the environment. The three sessions: Changes to Atmospheric Composition; Radiative Forcing and the Atmosphere’s Response; and Climate Change Implications will each be chaired by innovative contributors in these areas, thereby providing further context and input into the discussions. The rare opportunity to investigate the effects of anthropogenic activities on the environment and linkages between air quality and climate change will be provided through this IoP event.

Key dates

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03 November 2020 [17:00 GMT]